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PC-TV Convergence and Network Streaming Products

MCN is engaged in bringing advancements in video compression technologies, networking protocols and storage technologies to enable new breed of multimedia products. Our products and solutions make it easy to setup live video broadcasting channels over Internet. We offer very cost effective, yet highly scalable video streaming solutions for personal and business use.

Onyx Virtual Studio

Onyx Virtual Studio: A Realtime video collaboration application using Skype video call. It is based on 3D graphics framework and can merge multiple video feeds from webcams, IP cameras and Skype video call. It can also mix video from WMV and Mp4 files. It presents the composited video in a 3D scene and allows the user to change the position and orientation of the view. The presentations can also be recorded.

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Jade Live Broadcaster

Jade Live Broadcaster: This is a fully integrated H.264 HD Network camera that can directly broadcast streams live over the Internet using HTTP Live Streaming Protocol and Amazon S3 service. It does not require any additional system such as PC for the operation. The camera uploads streams with multiple resolutions simultaneously that includes 720p(1280 by 720), VGA(640 by 480), QVGA(320 by 240) and SQVGA(160 by 120). High resolution streams can be viewed by HD playback devices at home while low resolution streams can be played smoothly by device connected to Mobile Networks. Ideal for event broadcasting such as birthday, wedding parties and classroom lectures.

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Onyx VCU

ONYX Video Conferencing Unit: This is a multi-feature low cost TV adaptor along with an integrated HD H264 network camera and video codec. It can work as a video conferencing terminal to the MCN's video conferencing service. The video conferencing service hosted on Amazon HPC machine can composite multiple video streams and a shared desktop. ONYX VCU is an integrated terminal that can stream the composite desktop (application graphics and video streams)  to the TV.

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